“Collaborate with people you can learn from.” –Pharrell Williams

Buying a home will likely be one of the most significant purchases made in your life. Investing in a home is unlike other big purchases, such as buying furniture or any other items that can be returned with a receipt. The reason it is not like any other buy is it becomes a financial and an emotional investment. Whether it turns into the home you live in temporarily or long term, it is a place where you will build memories and always remember. Due to this, buying a home, especially for first time buyers can become very overwhelming.

Having a Real Estate Attorney on your side, such as Kadoch Law Group can help support you in the process by preparing you throughout your home buying journey, by simplifying the buying and/or selling process overall.

A real estate attorney simplifies the home buying and selling process. Their role is to help answer important legal questions that you may have in buyer or seller transactions and in addition to this, are able to help with necessary negotiations and preparing required documents. An attorney is able to provide advice that can help clients take advantage of any tax provisions according to their circumstances. Furthermore, a real estate attorney can also determine if an agreement was made and signed correctly, and do so much more!

There are different phases in the buying and selling process and an experienced real estate attorney can help you throughout the journey, especially during the most important ones. The most significant document in the buying/selling process is the purchase and sale agreement. An attorney can help explain this clearly and make any changes that reflect the client’s desires, ensuring that all is considered and that everything was completed lawfully.

Once the purchase agreement is finalized, an attorney can assist in reviewing the status of a title search and municipal lien search, determining whether or not the legal description has issues or is correct, and is there to explain if there are any title exceptions or if anything will not be insured.

Finally, a real estate attorney can help support clients in the closing, which is another important event in the transaction. This is when a deed and any other compulsory closing papers need to be prepared. A real estate attorney is able to explain the process of closing costs and will oversee that the documents required were appropriately executed.

Why settle for less when you can get an experienced attorney on your team? No matter what role you play in the south Florida economy, you are impacting the housing market, either demographically or directly. If you are looking to buy a house, are having problems with your tenant, or are simply trying to find someone to navigate your contracts and simplify the buying and selling phase for you, give us a call and we will provide the best possible service to you as we do with all of our clients!