What would happen if you were in a car accident with clients in the car? Are you protected? Research shows that approximately 51% of the American population, ages 55-64 have not set up their will, which is an important element of preparing for estate planning and part of keeping your assets protected. Setting up an estate plan and keeping it up to date when your financial or personal circumstances change, will ensure it reflects new goals and desires, and provide you with protection in the future.

Whether you are a realtor with knowledge of estate planning or interested in learning more to help keep you and your clients protected against any unfortunate events that might occur, teaming up with an experienced real estate attorney such as Kadoch Law Group can help guide you, as you drive your clients to find their dream home and feel protected along the way. This team of Real Estate Attorney’s in Florida will work efficiently with you, helping you to complete more sales and keep you secure during the process!

Realtors work with numerous clients, valuable properties and a large amount of details. As in any profession, mistakes can occur and due to this, realtors are known to be especially vulnerable with regards to being sued. Unfortunately, sometimes even the slightest error could potentially become problematic, costing money and time to make a resolution that may or may not be in your favor. In addition to this, in worst-case scenarios, a regrettable error can also tarnish a hard earned good professional reputation.

Becoming aware of this and understanding that accidents may happen will prepare you, however, it is most important to consider having an up to date estate plan. This plan can help realtors to steer clear of the most common misunderstandings that can and do occur in this profession. It will also protect assets if someone does experience any realtor liabilities. No one plans on getting sued, so it is imperative to take the appropriate precautions to prepare if the unexpected occurs.

Most often, people look at an estate plan and think it is only required when someone passes away. On the contrary, continuous estate planning can also protect people and their assets before the possibility of getting sued occurs or if a situation arises where they are incapacitated and unable to make a decision. Planning ahead will also help you to ensure your beneficiaries are protected too.

Beginning to prepare for an estate plan is known for being an emotional and complex process. Nevertheless, preparing early on will help to protect you and your family should any legal complexities occur. Having a real estate attorney can help you to develop methods that will keep your wealth assured.

If you are looking to partner with a knowledgeable team of Real Estate Attorneys, give us a call and we will provide the best possible service to you as we do with all of our partners and clients!