Interested in owning property in Florida? People around the world have often considered purchasing property in Florida, however they were a bit apprehensive, as they had not known how simple the process actually is. When compared to purchasing and owning property in other parts of the world, owning property in the US is considered to be more of a transparent process, especially in Florida.

Once an offer is put in place and accepted, the buyer and seller can be confident that things will move forward surely and smoothly, unless any unforeseen circumstances arise during the final inspection stage that might cause a break in the contract.

If you are beginning to think about owning property in Florida, and South Florida more specifically, consult with professional Plantation Real Estate Attorneys, such as Kadoch Law Group.

This knowledgeable group of experts will support you throughout your home purchasing process. Kadoch Law Group has experienced Real Estate Attorney’s that will prepare you and simplify the process overall.

Here are 7 ways to easily own property in the beautiful sunshine state:

1. Hire an experienced Florida Realtor.

Hiring an expert realtor in the area you are searching for property is considered to be one of the most important factors when preparing to invest in a Florida property. A realtor will guide you throughout the process and help you to complete all documentation correctly and thoroughly.

2. Begin your property search.

Your realtor can help you find the perfect property by using your criteria. However, you can also begin to search online to gain more of an idea of what is available and to help you narrow in on what sort of home, location and any specifics you require.

3. Ensure your financing is in place.

Deciding on your budget is another important step when considering property ownership. If you are ready for a cash buy, the process may be simpler, but most buyers must get a mortgage prior. Getting pre-approved can help speed up the process, for when you do find a property you are interested in.

4. Get ready to make an offer.

After you find your perfect property, your realtor will help you to make an offer. This is done via a formal document in Florida, which explains any requirements and agreements between both buyer and the seller.

5. Waiting for the outcome.

If your offer was accepted, it is important to remember there are still a few more steps to consider, especially during the final inspections.

6. Secure your contract.

Florida has two main types of real estate contracts. There is a standard contract that helps with any last minute issues that arise during the inspection period and an “As is” contract, which ensures that the buyer receives a refund for their deposit if they are unhappy with something during the due diligence stage.

7. Closing time!

Hooray!!! After you or your realtor attends your closing meeting, you will officially be a Florida homeowner!

Are you ready to learn more about home buying and owning property Florida? Why settle for less when you can get an experienced attorney on your team? If you are looking to buy a house, are having problems with your tenant, or are simply trying to find someone to navigate your contracts and simplify the buying and selling phase overall, give us a call and we will provide the best possible service to you as we do with all of our clients!